Losing your job unexpectedly is hard on everyone in your life, especially your family. If you’ve recently had your employment terminated by your employer, you need to understand your legal rights. While employment termination, initiated by an employee or employer, is allowed under certain circumstances, employers are held to a different standard and therefore need to provide just cause for any firings. If you believe you’ve been unlawfully dismissed from your position, here are a few things you should do to protect yourself.

Seek Legal Help

If you believe that you were wrongfully let go from your position, it’s important to contact your legal representative as soon as possible. Experience is key, you’ll want to find legal representation that has been involved in wrongful dismissal cases before.

Enlisting the services of a trusted paralegal is important for your case. They will revise any severance package offered to you from your former employer and advise you whether or not you should accept it. Oftentimes, your legal representative will help negotiate a more favourable severance package for you.

Keep Records Of Everything

If possible, try to get a copy of your dismissal in print or in writing. Furthermore, write down any information you think is relevant to your dismissal. Write down anything that occurred in the last couple of months and weeks of your employment that you feel might pertain to your termination. Ensure that you relay all written and verbal information to your legal representative, so they can build a solid, substantial case on your behalf.


After you’ve given your legal representative all of the important information about your dismissal, they’ll be in contact with your former employer’s lawyer. Your legal representative will likely have several conversations with your former employer’s lawyers, including email, in-person, and telephone conversations.

Depending on the severity and complexity of your dismissal, your case may get taken to court, where a Justice will hear both sides of the story and make a decision based on the evidence provided. In most cases, however, legal representatives can reach an agreement without having to bring the case to court.

If Negotiations Are Unsuccessful

If an agreement between you and your former employer can not be met, you may be eligible to file for unlawful termination, Furthermore, you may wish to take supplementary action which may include taking your case to the labour board.

If you’re certain that you acted responsibly and professionally while at work, listened to and obeyed company policies, and lived up to the expectations of your employment contract, but you were still dismissed, take action now! For more information on wrongful dismissal and how to protect yourself, contact Paul Duarte & Associates today or visit our website.